My Truths #100 (Orthorexia)

by Stephanie

With this, my 100th Truth, I have to admit that I may have a mild case of Orthorexia Nervosa. According to Wikipedia Othorexia Nervosa is defined as “an unhealthy fixation with what the individual considers to be healthy eating.” I’ll admit that I’m a little obsessed with following the “Primal” diet and the other aspect of the Primal lifestyle. But labeling it makes it sound like a bad thing. How can being passionate about eating healthy be a bad thing? Obviously when it starts to have a negative effect on your health or perhaps just when it starts to annoy and/or alienate your family and friends (or even complete strangers!). In my social circle I don’t want to be “that person”. Thankfully, this blog is an outlet for me to share my passion with others and to pontificate about being Primal is way that doesn’t bore my friends and family or worse… have them start worrying that I’ve lost my mind. Wait… maybe I have?