My Truths #99 (real food takes time)

by Stephanie

Eating “real food” may not actually cost more in the long run but it’s still a big investment…of time.  I’ve heard the argument many times that eating organic produce and pastured meat is too expensive. I would challenge people to look in their shopping carts and consider what they might be eliminating if they adopted an ancestral diet. No more sugary drinks (juice, soda etc…), no more bread and other baked goods, no more chips and granola bars, no more convenience/prepared food (i.e. frozen pizza, lasagna, chicken fingers etc…).  I’ve never done the math but I think the expense thing is an excuse that people use. It’s an easy out to say you can’t afford it when the truth is you don’t want to.

Eating healthy is significantly more time consuming. Preparing a meal from scratch every night is a lot more work than picking up take-out or popping some chemical laced frozen dinner in the microwave.  In the summer when my produce bundle arrives from my CSA (see My Truths #14) I can spend up to 2 hours washing, chopping and storing to ensure that all that beautiful perishable food will last until the end of the week and is ready to eat when I need it. When I’m standing at the sink scrubbing and spinning those veggies in my salad spinner I think to myself “THIS is why so many people don’t eat this way. They either don’t have time or won’t make time”.