My Truths #98 (tomatoes)

by Stephanie

Cooked tomatoes are actually better for you than raw. Cooking boosts the amount of lycopene in tomatoes. The reason is that the heat breaks down the plants’ thick cell walls and aids the body’s uptake of some nutrients that are bound to those cell walls.

I love having canned tomatoes in my cupboard. They are a handy staple to have on hand but I worry about the lining in the can. The lining contains a resin that leaches a toxic chemical, bisphenol-A (BPA). Other canned goods also have this lining but I understand that the acid in the tomatoes makes the resin leach to a high degree. I keep looking in my local grocery stores for jars or tetra packs of tomatoes but they’re not readily available. I can order them on-line but I have not gone so far as to do that yet. I suppose I could try my hand at preserving some next summer when tomatoes are ripe but something tells me that’s not going to happen.