My Truths #97 (spoilage)

by Stephanie

The issue with eating “real food” is that it goes bad. It takes planning to ensure that the meat, fish, eggs and produce you buy doesn’t spoil before you get a chance to eat it. The first obvious option is to freeze anything that you won’t use in the next few days. Not everything freezes well so be informed. Make sure to package it well (the less air the better) and mark the package with the content and date. Another option it to cook it right away and eat it later cold or reheated. I love to do this with veggies. I’ll roast a whack (that’s a lot) of mixed veggies and then use them over the next several days as snacks or side dishes. Many cooked veggies are awesome cold.

If you have meat in your fridge that needs to be cooked right away…cook it! This will give you another day or two to incorporate it in to your meals. I love to cook with leftovers! It’s faster at meal time and allows me to get creative. This is not only an efficient way of cooking, it’s also more economical. It’s simple math…if you throw out half of what you buy then it cost you twice as much.

Of course there are always exceptions: canned coconut milk, canned tomatoes, olives and sardines are a few “real food” products that you will find in my pantry that have a long shelf life. When I see them on sale I always stock up. Hey…they’ll come in handy after the apocalypse. 😉