My Truths #95 (cheaper cuts)

by Stephanie

If you can’t afford pastured sirloin then buy cheaper cuts of meat and learn how to cook them. I was out on Saturday picking up my pastured meat for the week and I was pleased to find some discounted cuts. Farmer Dave didn’t sell out last weekend so he froze what was left over. He was offering the frozen stuff this weekend for 20% off. Yay for me! I was going to go home and freeze most of it anyway.

On closer inspection the cuts that were left over were cheaper to start off with because they were the more challenging cuts that most people don’t know what to do with. I bought what I needed including one cheaper cut was called “vacio”. I then came home and Googled what to do with it. Vacio is a cut popular in Argentina which is very similar to “flap steak” in North America and from what I read can be prepared like “flank steak” or “skirt steak”.  These cuts are said to be very flavorful when cooked properly.

One recipe, which got good reviews, recommended piercing it with a fork, marinating for up to 24 hours and then cooking it quickly at a very high heat.  Once cooked to medium rare slice thinly against the grain. RECIPE 

I’ll be honest it wasn’t the best steak I ever cooked. It was tasty but still VERY chewy. Someone suggested adding lime juice to the marinade. Another suggested using baking soda to tenderize the meat before marinating. I will try this cut again…