My Truths #93 (Whole30)

by Stephanie

Whole30 is not for me. I’m reading the book “It Starts with Food” by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig. The idea is to commit to 30 days of eating strict Paleo. Right off the bat I would have to give up dairy (which is Primal approved if you tolerate it well). Fortunately, this would not be a huge issue for me. The most difficult part for most is giving up the milk or cream in their coffee but I’ve already made the switch to blending by coffee with coconut oil so no issue there. The hard part for me would be giving up the 80/20. No more occasional glass of red wine or square of dark chocolate which I love so much!

I have a confession. I decided that I was going to do a Whole30 for the month of February and I didn’t make it through the first day. February 1st was a Friday and my husband came home from work with a bottle of red wine and I caved.  So then I thought “I’ll start on Monday Feb 4th” but by the time Monday rolled around I had talked myself out it completely. I’m still feeling like I failed. Why don’t have the intestinal fortitude to commit to 30 days of “clean” eating?

I’m not knocking the program. I do think it would have value for some. If you are struggling with your weight or have health issues that you think could be a result of your diet then an “intervention” may be just what is called for. I’ll keep it in my tool kit for such occasions but in the meantime…life is too short and I’m sticking with my current regime which I enjoy!

P.S. Dean Dwyer from just announced today that he will be offering some free videos on building willpower. I might watch a few and see if he has any good tips. Check it out… THE WILLPOWER CONSPIRACY