My Truths #91 (roll with the punches)

by Stephanie

Learn to roll with the punches.  I’ve mentioned before that stress is bad for weight control and bad for your overall health. See My Truth #11 (stress). It’s one thing to say avoid stress but that’s easier said than done. One can cope better with stressful situations by using the some basic strategies a) not over reacting and b) looking at the big picture i.e. putting the stressful situation into perspective. By exercising these strategies you can reduce the impact on your body.

Let’s say you are parked in a mall parking lot and when you come out you notice a new scratch or dent on your car. How do you feel? Angry right? This is a normal reaction but how long do you stay angry? Do you chastise yourself for choosing the wrong parking spot and “asking for it”? Do you dwell on it for the rest of day or even for days on end? Or do you quickly shrug it off and chock it up to “shit happens”?

I’m a glass half full kind a gal. I always try to stay positive. Some people might feel that I don’t take things seriously enough but it’s proved to be a great coping mechanism for me. I don’t believe in worrying and dwelling on things that are out of my control.