My Truths #89 (pastured meat)

by Stephanie

Pastured meat is the gold standard. When I first went “primal” I focused on giving up grains and sugar. I knew that there were a lot of other areas that I could improve upon in my diet and lifestyle but to alter many aspects of your life at once is challenging and can set you up for failure.

The one aspect of the Primal diet that took me a long time was sourcing and “splurging” for better quality meat. I, like millions of North Americans, am always looking to simplify my life. What is simpler than a one stop shopping mega store that has virtually everything you need under one roof and also has the buying power to keep prices competitive? Nothing! The truth is though, while these big box stores are convenient, they don’t carry the highest quality meat. They carry “sweat shop” meat as my husband now calls it.

This is where your local farmer comes in. Do some research and ask others and you are bound to find a sources of pastured meats near you. These animals spend much of their life outside eating a diet that they were meant to eat. If they do eat some grain (think pigs and chickens) it’s not genetically modified grain. These animals are healthier and therefore require fewer antibiotics and the end results is more nutritious meat. Yes it does cost me more and it takes significantly more effort on my part. My farmer holds a Saturday market which is a 30 minute drive from my home. I make the pilgrimage every weekend to get my meat. It’s a Saturday ritual which, although not convenient, I take pleasure in.