My Truths #88 (napping)

by Stephanie

There’s no shame in taking a nap. Our North American culture is anti-napping. There’s a real stigma against it. I think people see it as a sign of weakness….like you just can’t keep up with the modern fast paced lifestyle expected of all of us. The irony here is that sitting in traffic, then at a desk, then in traffic again, then on your couch is totally acceptable! Also totally acceptable is relying on coffee or worse…Red Bull… to get you through the afternoon.

I usually get a minimum of 8 hours of quality sleep per night so I seldom feel the need for a nap but sometimes, on the weekend, if I get up early to go to the gym or for a bike ride then the sleepies might hit me in the afternoon. I don’t fight it. I prefer to lay down in bed for a 10-15 minute nap but I have been known to take a quicky on the couch. That’s all it takes. Occasionally, I’ll close my eyes for 5 minutes and then the phone rings. Even just a few minutes is very restorative.