My Truths #87 (bacon)

by Stephanie

Bacon is good. I have a confession to make… before I discovered the primal movement I would not let my husband fry my eggs in bacon grease. He would cook the bacon and then crack his eggs right in that pool of fat. He likes his eggs “deep fried”. I, on the other hand, did not! I was brainwashed by conventional wisdom in to believing that fat is bad. Thankfully I’ve seen the light and now I eat my eggs fried in yummy bacon grease just like he does.  He loves that I now see things his way and that “he was right”.

One of my favourite ways to eat bacon is in a recipe from Mark’s Daily Apple. Sausage stuffed, bacon wrapped, jalapenos peppers. I’ll make a big batch, eat a few and refrigerate the rest. They make a great snack and I think they’re even more delicious cold! STUFFED JALAPENOS RECIPE