My Truths #85 (workout time)

by Stephanie

The best time of day to work out is whatever works for you. According to story that ran on my local radio station recently, the best time to work out is early in the morning. The idea was that if you work out before you eat your body burns your stored fat first. I buy in to this concept but challenge that if you have fasted until noon and then worked out you would get the same effect so it’s technically not the time of day that matters here.

If you’re a night owl and you can work out late at night and then go to sleep…bravo! That would not work for me. If you like to workout on your lunch hour because that works best for your job and family…great! If you like to go after work and blow off some steam…makes sense! Some people roll out of bed with the sun, lace up their sneakers and they’re are off… I think they’re nuts!

Personally I like to work out early to mid-morning but not at the crack of dawn. Morning works for me because a) I’m rested with lots of energy  b) It’s a positive way to start the day c) I can check it off my “to do” list and not have it hanging over my head all day d) it’s less likely that something with come up to make me miss it and e) I occasionally like to work out in a fasted state so would rather not have to fast all day.

If you’re finding a way to make time for fitness (whatever time of day that may be) then you are to be congratulated!