My Truths #83 (insulin)

by Stephanie

Insulin plays a huge role in weight gain and weight loss. I’m not talking about the insulin that diabetics must inject to manage their condition, I’m talking about the hormone insulin which is naturally created by the pancreas. Insulin’s major function is to tell the body when to store nutrients. Fat is an important nutrient and in and of itself is not bad (especially if you’re consuming the good fats see My Truth #2). What IS bad is too much blood sugar which is caused by eating excess carbs (grains and sugar are a major source).

Insulin is like a traffic cop opening up the body’s cells and directing them to store fat and/or release fat. When the body senses that blood sugar is elevated it calls on insulin. When insulin levels rise any blood sugar found in the bloodstream has to be stored somewhere. Unfortunately, if you eat too many carbs and you live a sedentary lifestyle all of that excess blood sugar goes straight into fat cells.

In a nut shell:

  • Too many carbs = High Blood Sugar.
  • High Blood Sugar =  High Insulin
  • High Insulin = Fat Storage