My Truths #79 (set point)

by Stephanie

Every body has a “set point”. I believe that ever body has an equilibrium point…. a normal weight where it’s comfortable. I’m not talking about a “plateau” where people stop losing weight but are still overweight. I’m talking about a healthy, fit weight that your body works hard to maintain despite that your attempts to restrict calories or train harder. If you eat a healthy nutritious diet and enjoy a fit active lifestyle and you’ve maintained the same healthy weight for months, even years, you’re probably at your “set point”. Fighting against it will likely be challenging and frustrating!

People who yo-yo diet often feel that it gets more challenging to lose weight every time they diet. This is not just in their minds. I understand that yo-yo dieting can have a negative impact on a person’s set-point. Strive to maintain a healthy weight with only slight fluctuations. This will ensure you maintain a “normal” set point. Why make it more challenging than it already is?