My Truths #76 (hunger)

by Stephanie

Hunger is a primal state. Last Saturday I got up early, had a couple of cage free/farm free eggs and a coffee and headed off to pump iron for an hour. After the gym, I had a business meeting. The meeting started at 11:30 a.m. and promised to be a short one. Unfortunately, the meeting was still going strong at 12:30 with no end in sight and I started to obsess about being hungry. I couldn’t concentrate on what was being said. All I could think about was eating.

I very rarely eat fast food but when the meeting broke I was seriously considering hitting Rotten Ronnie’s for a Happy Meal. My “lizard brain” was in control! Thankfully I drove by a grocery store first and reason kicked in. I ran in to the deli and bought 2 pieces of rotisserie chicken. (Not free range chicken but would have to do in a pinch). I could barely stand to wait in the line to pay. I toyed with the idea of eating right there but resisted. I think the people in front of me could tell I was stressed because they let me go ahead. (I had one item…they had 12!). Finally out in the parking lot, safely in my car…I ripped in to that chicken like there was no tomorrow. I felt like Mrs. Grok!