My Truths #75 (try new things)

by Stephanie

Try new things! Ever since I stumbled on the Primal/Paleo movement I keep hearing about Crossfit.  I’ve been wanting to try it but a few things have been holding me back.

1)      You can’t just “try it”. In order to join Crossfit you must first take 4 one-hour “on-ramp” training sessions. This training is fairly expensive and a significant commitment of time. As I understand it the on-ramp is to familiarize you with the Crossfit equipment and exercises and for them to access your fitness level.  Let’s say you don’t like it… then you’re spent this time and money needlessly.

2)      My husband. Don’t get me wrong he loves that I’m fit and supports me 100% now but when he asked why I wanted to change gyms and try Crossfit I said “to take it to the next level”. He replied (more like pleaded) “No…no next level!” He believes that people who Crossfit talk about it constantly and he doesn’t want me to become one of those people. I have to agree with him on this one, that can get annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I fully intend on drinking the Kool-aid but I’m going to try to resist the urge to talk about it.

3)      I’m scared!

I start my on-ramp on Feb 4th. Stay tuned for a follow up Truth on Crossfit.