My Truths #73 (life after baby)

by Stephanie

Weight gained during pregnancy need not be permanent. Just before I gave birth to my first baby (16 years ago) I weighed almost 200 lbs. Let’s be perfectly clear, I did not give birth to an 80 lbs boy! Some of that was water retention. He was 10 days overdue and I swelled up like a balloon near the end but still… I had some work to do. With breastfeeding, eating well and walking I did manage to lose some weight but then got pregnant again. Thankfully I didn’t gain quite as much with baby #2 (chasing baby #1 around probably helped).

Following baby #2, it took me a couple of years of hard work to feel confident about my post-baby body. I was very lucky that the weight that I did lose came off in all the right places. Well except for my chest….a little too much came off there!

I respect (even applaud) those moms who embrace their post baby bodies but I don’t believe that you have to accept any extra weight as permanent. Mark Sisson says that 70% of the way you look is determined by what you eat. Eat well consistently and be patient. Time will reward you with results and, as an added bonus, you will be an excellent role model for your child!