My Truths #70 (every bit counts)

by Stephanie

When it comes to exercise, every little bit counts!  We’ve all heard it before: 1) Don’t take the closest parking spot. Park a distance away and walk. This is also great for keeping your car from getting ding’ed as most people are lazy and so fewer cars will be parked near you. 2) Take the elevator instead of the stairs. These are both great habits which I practice regularly.

One of the habits that I’ve recently adopted which I really look forward to is my lunchtime “power walk”. It is freezing cold right now where I live and I’m not a huge fan of the cold so I walk inside. My community has a climate controlled “inside connection”.  A series of skywalks,  pedways  and tunnels connecting all the major office towers in the business core. I make sure that I have comfortable (and always stylish!) footwear on. I grab a quick healthy lunch at “the market” and then walk the entire inside connection and back. It takes me about 20 minutes and really gets the heart pumping. That’s more than 1 ½ hours of walking per week that I’ve added in to my fitness regime. And yes, when given the choice between stairs and an escalator, I always take the stairs. There’s never anybody on the stairs and it’s quicker!  Which brings me to another pet peeve…why do most people just stand still on the escalator when they could keep moving? That’s a rhetorical question… I know why!