My Truths #68 (back to basics)

by Stephanie

Sometimes you have to get back to basics.  Whether you follow conventional wisdom when it comes to the food you eat or are challenging it with some “healthier” variation of the SAD (Standard American Diet) we all fall off the wagon form time to time. Holidays, vacation or just a break in routine is enough to throw the most disciplined health conscious eater down the wrong path. If you’re consuming foods that you know deep down you should be avoiding don’t beat yourself up. Instead, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Take a step back and get back to basics.

Step 2 – Clean out your fridge and pantry of all the wrong foods and stock it with healthy options that you truly enjoy.

Step 3 – Create a set of simple rules/guidelines to follow. Mine might include things like a) eat a no carb breakfast b) no snacking after supper time c) just eat real food d) no {insert offending food here} for the next week (mine might be beer or wine)

Step 4 – If you find yourself on the wrong path again… go back to step 1