My Truths #64 (DOMS)

by Stephanie

DOMS is an indicator that you have pushed yourself to the limit. DOMS is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and I have experienced it many times. Usually, when I add a bit of weight on to my barbell, I will experience mild soreness in those targeted muscles the next day. I love how it feels because it’s telling me that I’m getting stronger but I can tell you it can also be very painful. If you train regularly then you should never feel severe pain. There are, however, extreme activities that are difficult to train for. Climbing a mountain for example. Each time I climb Katahdin (Millinocket, Maine) I think it will be the year that I don’t get DOMS. I think “I’ve done enough squats and lunges to prepare my legs” but my thigh muscles always prove me wrong. Climbing and descending stairs is nearly impossible for several days after the climb. Sitting down and standing up difficult for up to a week. I’ve tried pain killers to manage the pain but I’ve read that these can actually delay recovery. I think the only real remedy is time.