My Truths #62 (caveman diet)

by Stephanie

The caveman diet is simple to understand but difficult to follow (in today’s culture). There are many variations of ancestral diets. Paleo and Primal are likely the most popular. Although there are nuances, the basic principles are simple (NO SUGAR, NO GRAIN and in the case of Paleo NO DAIRY). What they have in common is that all ancestral diets are based on foods that are high in protein from wild caught and/or grass fed animals and pastured eggs, high in quality fat (olive, coconut, avocado and others…) and include lots of plant based foods (more vegetables then fruit). What makes it challenging today is that grain is so ubiquitous. For most North Americans grain is an integral part of every meal: cereal/toast/bagels/muffins for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch,  bread, potatoes, rice, pasta etc… for supper. In order to avoid these food it takes planning and discipline but it’s totally worth it. Don’t just take my word for it. There are countless paleo/primal success stories on-line…examples of people who have adopted this way of eating, who seems to enjoy it and thrive on it!

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