My Truths #60 (weight fluctuation)

by Stephanie

Your weight can fluctuate from one day to the next for reasons that are not obvious. Some people weight themselves every day, some once a week, some once in a while…some rarely or never. I’m in the “almost every day” category. My husband jumps on the scales every once in a while…with his clothes on…any time of day! I could never do that because the number on the scale is so much more important to me. It has to be monitored in a strictly controlled environment.  I will only weight myself first thing in the morning with no clothes on.

My weight had remained fairly constant for the last 12 months (+/- 3 lbs). I have an upper limit which I cannot surpass. People say that as you age weight gain is inevitable (particularly for women). I hope to prove them wrong. That being said, this week for no apparent reason, the scales told me that I had surpassed by upper limit. All I could think of was that “those people” may be right. I had not changed my routine. Why had I gained weight?  Thankfully it was a blip and this morning I was back in “safe zone”.  The reasons for this temporary weight gain could include: water retention (did I eat more salt than usual?), hormones (was it related to my cycle), constipation (was I backed up a little?). Whatever the reason it has resolved itself and I’m once again convinced that I am armed with the knowledge of how to eat that will serve me for the rest of my life and help me prove “those people” wrong.