My Truths #58 (comfort zone)

by Stephanie

It pays to go outside your comfort zone. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of group weight lifting. I love the music, the camaraderie and that little push of competitiveness. The key to getting stronger, leaner and more sculpted muscles is pushing yourself to just beyond your comfort zone. If you stick with the same weight week in and week out that’s fine too…you will maintain the muscles you have built.

My preference is to gradually lift heavier weights over time. If it’s difficult to finish the track then you will see gains. How do you know if you’ve lifted enough? If you add weight and are sore the next day this is telling you that you created microscopic tears in your muscles and as they repair they get stronger. When adding weight be sure to do it in very small increments and be sure you can still do the exercise correctly. If the weight is too heavy and forces you do the exercise incorrectly you will be wasting your time and it could result in an injury. Use as much weight as possible while still maintaining proper form/technique. This is where the magic happens.