My Truths #57 (mushrooms)

by Stephanie

You can’t get much more primal than mushrooms. I love mushrooms and I’m fascinated by the variety of edible and poisonous mushrooms on the planet. The first people to try eating mushrooms must have been very hungry. Firstly they are a fungus that, in their natural habitat, grow wild usually on some kind of decaying matter….Not the most appetizing. Secondly, if you don’t know what you’re doing you could die…Not a trivial matter! I grew up with parents who were able to identify at least three different types of wild mushrooms: “Horse” (a.k.a. “Field” mushrooms) which are white mushrooms that grow in pastures and can get fairly large, “Puff Balls” which I have seen as large as bowling balls and could feed a small army (only eat if white and uniform all the way through) and “Shaggy Manes” which must be eaten as soon as they’re picked or they quickly turn to an inky mess.

Now that I’m grown up with kids of my own… Our mushroom is the mighty “Morel”. Morels are very distinctive looking, elusive and delicious! Strangely, they grow right on our front lawn. Even more bizarre is that they also grew in the yard where we used to live (an hour’s drive away). I’ve shown the neighbourhood children what they look like and told them I would pay them $1 per morel that they brought me as long as they showed me where they found them. We have yet to find any more growing anywhere’s else in our area.

P.S. Another aspect of the primal lifestyle is play and when puff balls are passed their prime they are fun to play with! I remember, as a child, jumping on them to release the puff of “smoke”!


a morel growing in my yard