My Truths #56 (eat local)

by Stephanie

I eat local as much as possible but not to save the environment. Many people feel that by eating local they are reducing their carbon footprint but I’m not convinced that this is always true. My understanding is that small farmers are often using old equipment that is less energy efficient and the transportation methods to get the product to the consumer are often less efficient than when done on a larger scale. Don’t get me wrong… I’m totally for eating local but my reasons are a little different. 1) I eat local because I believe that it’s how to get the freshest, healthiest & tastiest ingredients. 2) I eat local to support a farmer in my area.


Dave Wolpin…my farmer!

On a related topic…I recently read the book “The Feast Nearby” by Robin Mather. This book is part autobiography, part cookbook, part DIY manual. Mather spends a year in a 650 sq ft cottage by a small lake in rural Michigan. The book chronicles her experience through the seasons while she describes her efforts to eat local on a modest budget. If you’ve ever dreamed of a simpler life this book will inspire you…