My Truths #55 (gym pet peeves)

by Stephanie

I’m a member of a gym which I enjoy but there are a few things that bug me. I became a member of Goodlife a few years ago. I enjoy going to the gym and have been a regular there since I joined. I worry that I will have trouble when it comes time to quit. I’ve heard horror stories of people who have had to cancel their credit cards or close their bank accounts to stop the payments from coming out. Thankfully this is a problem for the future as I don’t plan on leaving any time soon. In the meantime there are a few things about MY gym that I would change:

1) Magazines: I appreciate that they provide magazines for me to read when I’m on the cardio machines. I’m not sure where these magazines come from i.e. if they are supplied by the gym or left behind by other members. MY PET PEEVE: Ads for fat burning pills! Having these magazines in the gym sends the wrong message…that exercise is not enough, that taking these pills is “healthy” and that looking the way these incredibly fit models look should be your goal and that it’s easily achievable. If I owned a “health club” I would not supply magazines that feature these ads and I would remove those that were left behind.

2) Tanning bed advertising: I appreciate that the gym is providing a service and that many people enjoy tanning.  I respect their right to do what they want. The revenue from tanning likely helps keep the cost of my club membership down. MY PET PEEVE: I don’t want to see advertising for the tanning service on the back of the toilet stall door. For me it’s right up there with seeing an ad for cigarettes! I don’t mind if they advertise tanning anywhere else in the gym but when I’m having a pee (and have nowhere else to look) seeing these ads really bugs me!

3) Icy girls: I can go to any Goodlife gym in the system but the one I go to the most is a women only gym. I love that there’s no flirting and hidden agendas. Everyone seems to be serious about trying to get in shape and that is the reason they’re there. MY PET PEEVE: There is such a thing as too serious. There are those women who never smile or say hello. I really dislike those “icy girls”!