My Truths #53 (willpower)

by Stephanie

Willpower is important to reaching your goals and is like a muscle that you need to exercise. We’ve all met people who seem to have amazing willpower and we can’t help but beat ourselves up that we don’t measure up… faced with temptation we always find a way to rationalize that forbidden treat.

I believe that willpower can be cultivated and the following quote is one good example of some “self talk” which can strengthen your willpower. QUOTE: “If you are struggling with your resolve when faced with so many temptations {…}, here is a bit of advice. Rather than reminding yourself of the last time you abstained and, therefore, why you deserve to indulge now, try to remind yourself of WHY you last abstained. Research shows that if you simply tally your “good” behaviors against your “bad” behaviors, you become much more likely to give in to temptation. But if you focus on the REASON for your “good” behaviors, you become much more likely to remain strong.” ~ Jason Seib. For example, if you remind yourself that you’re eating healthy to feel great, look great, stay young looking, stay healthy or to set a good example for your children etc… you’re more likely to stay strong!