My Truths #52 (time of crisis)

by Stephanie

When faced with a crisis, it’s time to recommit to healthy eating not turn to junk food. In June 2011 (two months after I discovered the Primal movement) my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia. He was in the hospital for 6 months. I stopped working and was by his side the entire time. This would have been an easy time to abandon the Primal lifestyle but it was just what I needed…a little project to keep me from going crazy. I read everything I could i.e.books and online about Primal/Paleo. My food choices were limited at the hospital cafeteria. Hard-boiled eggs and bacon for breakfast was easy. For lunches and suppers I usually walked to a grocery store to hunt and gather. It gave me a purpose and reason to get out of the hospital, move slowly and clear my mind. Despite the stress of the situation the Primal Blueprint kept me sane and healthy. Being healthy was so important because his immune system was compromised and if I caught something then they would have kept me away from him.

The lesson learned here is that when you are stressed, worried and/or faced with a personally challenging time in your life don’t reach for the easiest thing to fill the void like fast food or sugary/starchy comfort food. Take the time to nurture your body with healthy food and your body will reward you in-kind with energy, a more positive perspective and a greater ability to cope.