My Truths #51 (Teflon)

by Stephanie

Teflon pans are convenient but may pose health risks. If you’re concerned about the toxic load that your body is faced with on a daily basis one thing to consider is the materials that you use in your kitchen. Choose glass or metal bowls and containers over plastic and find safe alternatives to Teflon pans. Teflon cookwear (frying pans, cookie sheets, muffin tins etc…) are likely fairly safe at low temperature and when they are new but after a while the coating can start to wear off during cooking and can contaminate your food. Many people reach for Teflon because they don’t cook with enough fat to keep food from sticking. Fortunately, the primal diet recommends using butter, coconut oil and even bacon fat for cooking and baking which helps keeps things from sticking to more traditional cookwear.

SIDEBAR: If you are interested in the topic of our toxic environment you might enjoy the book “The Hundred Year” Lie by Randall Fitzgerald. It makes you stop and think about the toxic environment that we live in. I found the way the author presented his stats a little misleading and alarmist but overall the book made me stop and think which I like!