My Truths #48 (milk)

by Stephanie

Always chose raw dairy products from grass fed cows and/or goats if you can find it. The heating of the milk during pasteurization reduces its nutritional profile.  According to Mark Sisson “Pasteurization depletes mineral content, including iron, copper, and manganese, along with vitamin C. It also impairs B6 bioavailability, and it may lower the absorption of vitamin A by destroying a heat-sensitive dairy protein which promotes intestinal absorption of vitamin A.” I live in Canada where it’s illegal to sell raw milk in the stores but you can buy it direct from local farmers. I have been successful in getting raw, organic, hormone free goat’s milk through my CSA program. Although I’m not a huge fan of the taste… it makes great Kefir (see my Truths #47).

NOTE: If you can’t buy in store in your area you want to find a reputable farmer with high standards of sanitation in order to ensure that the milk is safe to drink.