My Truths #43 (baking)

by Stephanie

In my experience, Primal (and Paleo) baked goods are not as good as traditional baked goods. Let me preface this by saying I tolerate wheat just fine. I just choose not to eat it (most of the time). Those with wheat sensitivities have no choice. Primal recipes don’t use wheat flour and also tend to limit added sugar which makes things even more challenging. I’m sure there are some awesome Primal baking recipes out there but I haven’t found them. That being said, I’ll admit, I have not searched very hard.

What baking I have done recently with coconut or almond flour and little sweetener was a sad disappointment… heavy and with a strange texture and really didn’t taste that good. To make matters worse these baked items usually tasted best right out of the oven and didn’t freeze well. Unless I was going to eat a whole banana bread while it was still hot, most of it ended up in the compost. What a waste!  My conclusion…I will just reserve eating baked goods to a rare treat on special occasions (like Christmas) and indulge in the “real thing”!