My Truths #42 (temptation)

by Stephanie

Sometimes it’s healthy to give in to temptation. Throughout the year it’s important to make healthy choices and exercise discipline when it comes to eating to stay healthy and avoid weight gain. During the holidays it’s time to indulge! By keeping these few helpful hints in mind you can enjoy the holidays and get right back on track in the new year. (These hints are intended to help you blend in…not stand out as that person with the high maintenance diet.)

  1. Don’t go to someone’s elses starving. Eat a healthy snack before you go to take the edge off your appetite. This will help you make smarter choices.
  2. If you’re entertaining, prepare a variety of traditional foods but make sure you include a few of your favourite primal recipes that others won’t immediately recognize as healthy. I’m making bacon wrapped water chestnuts on boxing day. Something I love but others enjoy as well.
  3. Keep a bowl of nuts in the shell on hand. This way if others are grazing you can crack a few nuts and enjoy. This slows you down and keeps you busy. Much better than a bowl of mixed nuts already shelled which can vanish in minutes.
  4. Survey the situation first and decide what is truly worth eating and savour it. NO GUILT!

The truth is… it’s not just about you. Others get pleasure from what you eat too. Whether it’s your spouse seeing that your not a crazy zealot after all or a family member looking for approval for that signature dish they made with love. It’s time to think about others too.

I intend to eat, drink and be merry with no regret because I’m armed with the most powerful tool… The knowledge of how to eat throughout the year to achieve my goals.

Happy Holidays!