My Truths #41 (optimal diet)

by Stephanie

There isn’t just one optimal diet for humans. I swear by the Primal diet. It works for me. I feel great. The food I eat is delicious and satisfying. Others may be thriving on other diets such as vegans or vegetarian. Personally I would never choose to give up eating meat. I love it and have no ethical issues eating it.  I also believe that it’s an important element of well-balanced healthy diet. I don’t believe there are any documented cases of all vegetarian cultures around the world. That being said, there are many cultures whose diets vary greatly. The Eskimos’ traditional diet was almost exclusively fat and protein with virtually zero carbs. From what I’ve read, they led very healthy lives with very few cases of heart disease or cancer. The Mediterranean diet is also high in fat. It’s an example of a diet that conventional wisdom would tell us is unhealthy but an entire population seems to be thriving on it.

Dr. Cate Shanahan has studied various cultures and has identifies the foods and techniques common to every culture and divides them into 4 categories, called the “Four Pillars of World Cuisine”. Her book “Deep Nutrition” explains how these 4 Pillars form the foundation of all the healthiest diets: meat on the bone, organ meats, fermented & sprouted foods, fresh & uncooked ingredients. This book is recommended reading for anyone interested in how the food they eat impacts their health.