My Truths #40 (skinny)

by Stephanie

There is such thing as being too skinny. Models on runways and in magazines, for the most part, are super thin. The media makes women think that this is desirable but keep in mind that a) women with very low body fat can have health complications and fertility issues and b) maintaining a low body mass index (BMI) can make your face look older because fat is the very thing that helps plump out lines and wrinkles c) most men prefer women who are fit and have soft curves.

On the flip side, having some nice lean muscles is a good thing. I think most people will agree that the female “body builder” physique with rock hard muscles and veins popping out of your arms is not a look that most people find attractive…Not to mention that it’s very difficult to achieve and nearly impossible for women without supplements. Give me lean and fit any day!