My Truths #36 (listening)

by Stephanie

If you listen to your body you will be amazed at what it will tell you. Over the 18 months of my Primal journey I have learned a great deal about my body…its likes and dislikes. When everything is ticking along like clockwork we don’t think much of it but eat something that causes a problem and it’s time to tune in. For example, I was grabbing a quick lunch at a food court…healthy options were limited and I know legumes are not the worst thing you can eat when you’re primal so I ordered a small bowl of chili (with red kidney beans). I was doubled over in pain the entire afternoon. I can tell you right now I won’t be having chili with beans again anytime soon.

What about you? Are there foods that cause you distress? Sensitivities can manifest themselves in many ways i.e. full blown allergic reaction, stomach pain/gas/cramps/bloating, congestion, asthma trigger, jitters, fatigue, flushing etc… Try tweaking things a little and see how you feel. If you eat wheat, try going wheat free for a few days. If you consume a lot of caffeine, try cutting back. I’ve heard people say they have to eat a candy bar because their “blood sugar” is low and they feel like they’re going to pass out. Wow! This demonstrates to me that sugar is having a serious effect on this person’s physiology or maybe it’s just a good excuse to eat a candy bar…i.e. my “dark passenger” made me do it!