My Truths #34 (converting others)

by Stephanie

Trying to convert others is an exercise in futility. People ask me what I did to lean out so much. They assume (incorrectly) that it’s because I work out a lot. Those people think I must spend hours a week at the gym (I don’t). I do attend 1-2 Body Pump TM classes per week and yes I have an active lifestyle but the truth is I lost the bulk of my weight at a time when I was doing very little cardio (story for another time).

Over the last 18 months my body pump instructors have notices my transformation. Two such instructors stopped me one day after class and asked what I was doing. One said “its diet right?” I answered “yes last spring I gave up sugar and bread”. (I don’t’ usually say grain because that’s usually just too much for people to hear i.e. you gave up a whole food group?… that can’t be healthy!) The other instructor says wow sugar and bread eh? I should try that…as she walked away. She won’t!

I’ve tried so many different approaches to spread the gospel. When I see friends complaining on Facebook that they’re gaining weight and/or are dreading doing another long cardio workout I message them privately that there’s a better way and give them the “elevator pitch” and links to websites like Mark’s Daily Apple. Not one person that I have ever tried to help has seen the light. Have you successfully brought anyone over to the dark side?