My Truths #33 (Body Pump)

by Stephanie

Group exercise may not be for everyone but it is for me.  I’ve tried a few different group exercise classes. Les Mills Body PumpTM is by far my favourite! One of the Primal fitness recommendations is to “lift heavy things” with the goal of gaining functional fitness i.e. the strength to easily take on daily tasks and physical challenges. Rather than work on a machine at the gym which isolates individual muscles , Primalists suggest lifting things like your own body weight (think push ups & pull ups), bags of sand, large rocks, your toddler… In theory this makes a lot of sense but I have found it hard to put in to practice (plus my toddlers are all grown up).

This is where body pump comes in. It’s a group weight lifting class let by an instructor and set to upbeat music. The class lasts an hour but the real hard work is approx. 50 minutes (when you take out the warm up and cool down). In that 50 minutes everyone in the classes works every major muscle group using free weight (you decide how heavy). The major advantage with this type of weight lifting over machines is that you’re also using all the smaller supporting muscles and your core. The combination of effective coaching/encouragement a.k.a. the instructor, fun music and friendly competition is a killer recipe for success. I’ve been going to Body Pump once or twice a week for over 3 years and I’ve seen the results.