My Truths #31 (calories)

by Stephanie

Calories (for the most part) don’t count. Before I discovered the primal movement I was brainwashed by the latest conventional wisdom. i.e. if you eat fewer calories than you consume you will lose weight. Sound familiar? If it were that simple then why do we have an obesity epidemic? I read something recently which really rang true for me… “Starving fat off is not the same as burning fat off. Working against your body is not the same as working with your body… A responsive body that is willing to give up body fat as you work WITH it, is an external manifestation of a healthy internal environment.” Source: Lean Bodies Consulting.

Restricting calories as a long term weight loss method does not work. When I started following the primal blueprint I began eating delicious high fat foods that I had avoided for years. I was enjoying a diet that was low carb but at the same time varied, satisfying and sustainable long term. In 6 months I had lost those last 10 lbs that so stubbornly hung on. I had reached by goal weight seemingly effortlessly and the freedom to no longer have to count calories was very liberating!