My Truths #27 (on-line communities)

by Stephanie

On-line communities are a great source of support, advice and motivation. If you’re like me and have a strong attachment to your laptop (the fact that you’re reading this blog is a good indicator that you do) you’ve probably already found some on-line communities of like-minded individuals for whatever passion, hobby, illness or idiosyncrasy you have. I’ve participated (in a limited way) in dozens…from cycling to mushroom hunting to cooking and more. They didn’t all click for me but the one I always go back to is Mark’s Daily Apple by Mark Sisson. I’ve never met Mark but feel like we’re close personal friends and if I ever get the chance I would like to thank him in person for changing my life! He shares new topics every day and has a community of raving fans that comment, share and debate those topics. If that leaves you wanting/needing more Mark also has a “forum” where virtually every Primal topic imaginable is explored and every question answered. Check it out…

Mark’s Daily Apple