My Truths #26 (support)

by Stephanie

Support from your family & friends may be nice but it’s not critical to success when adopting a Primal Lifestyle. When I stumbled on to The Primal Blueprint TM  it clicked for me. I had less than 10 lbs to lose but nothing else I had tried worked…not restricting calories…not working out more.  I told my husband that I was giving up grain, sugar and processed foods and he just rolled his eyes at me. Sure he teased me a bit at first but I never felt the need to eat anything to please him. I would prepare delicious low carb primal meals and he would eat them and enjoy them. If we went to restaurants I ordered something low carb but didn’t make a fuss. When we ate at other people’s homes I passed on the bread and took a little bit of everything to be polite. When he realized that I was eating more than usual and losing weight he clued in that there was something to this “Primal” eating after all. After 18 months he has accepted that this is the way I will eat for the rest of my life. As long as I don’t give him a hard time about his bagels and cereal he’s o.k. with it.