My Truths #25 (travel)

by Stephanie

Traveling does not mean abandoning all reason when it comes to eating and exercise. Our favourite vacation spot is NYC and the food there is amazing. Before I went Primal we would grab a latte and pastry from the closest Starbucks and head out for a day or shopping, sightseeing, broadway etc… Now we find a deli or diner that offers more breakfast options and everyone’s happy! As for the rest of the day I don’t stress about the type of restaurants that we settled on because I always know that I will find something “primal” or at least “near primal” (see My Truths #24). Don’t get me wrong… I’m no saint! When we stop at a pub along the way I will indulge in a nice hoppy IPA from time to time but, after all, it is vacation and that fits nicely in to my 80/20 rule (see My Truth #12)

As for exercise, a city like New York is perfect because you invariably do a lot of walking (even if you’re often taking the sub-way) but we like to take it to the next level. Our last 2 trips to NYC have included a day spent cycling with a tour company called “Bike the Big Apple”. What an amazing way to see the city and to discover hidden gems that only a local would know about. The pace of the ride is fairly leisurely but still a great amount of physical activity over several hours. It would certainly earn you a decadent dessert that night. I would highly recommend it….both the cycling tour and the dessert!

Red Snapper with mango, red onion and cashews at Pam Real Thai, 404 West 49th St, NYC (just to be clear this was NOT dessert!)