My Truths #24 (restaurants)

by Stephanie

Eating in restaurants is challenging but there’s always smart options. When someone suggests you go out to eat do you immediately start to worry that there won’t be anything primal/paleo/permitted on the menu? Some restaurants are more challenging than others. Italian for instance…pasta, pizza, risotto… all heavy grain based dishes. My advice is to check out the menu before you go. Most good restaurants will “hold” certain parts of the dish to make it a more sensible choice such as “ceasar salad…hold the croutons”. Sure we all think “I’ll just push them to the side and not eat them” but we all know what really happens. We eat just one “to try it” and the next thing you know we’re eating every last crunchy, seasoned, delicious crumb.

If it’s my choice I’ll usually pick a steak house. Easy peasy! Last night our friends wanted to do Italian. I had Insalata di Natale: fresh greens, pomegranate seeds, crispy pancetta and pignoli tossed in a warm orange and mint vinaigrette topped with pistachio crusted chevre for an appetizer. For the main course two lamb shanks slow cooked in tomatoes, chillies, anchovies, herbs and wine, served with rosemary roasted baby potatoes. I’ll admit I broke my rule above by tasting the potatoes but they were just o.k. and luckily there was lots of meat-on-the-bone so I filled up on all that delicious yumminess.