My Truths #23 (avocado)

by Stephanie

Avocados are an amazingly healthy food. Avocadoes provide all 18 essential amino acids necessary for the body to form a complete protein and provide the healthy kind of fat that your body needs. Avocadoes are also an excellent source of the phytonutrient carotenoids. Every time you consume foods rich in carotenoids, you deliver high quality vitamin A to your body, thereby protecting eye health. Carotenoids also enhance the functioning of the immune system and promote healthy functioning of the reproductive system.

I love to crack one open, sprinkle with a little sea salt and eat it right out of the skin…it’s a perfect self-contained package. Keep in mind the part of the avocado closest to the skin is the densest in nutrients, so be sure to scrape the skin clean before discarding it.