My Truths #14 (CSA’s)

by Stephanie

CSA’s are a great source of local organic produce. CSA‘s or “Community Supported Agriculture” programs are gaining in popularity. Local farmers sell their freshly picked produce directly to the consumer through a seasonal subscription service. In my case, the farmer even brings it to a pick-up spot in my neighbourhood once a week. Some small farmers that participate in these programs may not be certified organic but if you get to know them you will find that they often use sustainable farming practices and do not use herbicides or pesticides.

Some of my reasons for participating include: 1) It makes me happy to know I’m supporting a local farmer… a farmer who I’ve come to know through the magic of Facebook and his electronic newsletter 2) It inspires me to eat more veggies and try new recipes. 3) It makes me happy to know that my produce is the freshest it can be and is chemical free. Although this past Monday was my last CSA box of 2012… I’m looking forward to my chemical free Christmas tree from farmer Dave!