My Truths #3 (cardio)

by Stephanie

Excessive cardio can sabotage your efforts. Lengthy and tough cardio workouts (especially if you don’t enjoy them) cause you to release cortisol (the stress hormone) which can hamper your weight loss efforts. These workouts can also leave you feeling more hungry leading to overeating later.  Many people believe that if they have a treat (let’s say a cupcake) that they can go to the gym and work it off. Calories in…Calories out…right? It’s not that simple. Our bodies are complex labs. 100 calories of protein versus 100 calories of fat versus 100 calories of sugar are all treated differently. The sugar and flour in the cupcake have an effect on insulin which drives the body to store fat. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying don’t eat the cupcake. I’m just saying that running on the treadmill for an hour every time you eat a cupcake does not necessarily even things out in the long run.